I haven't posted anything here in a while, so I think I'm going to start with a series on some Digimon decks I've made recently.

Blurple Memory

Digi-Eggs (4)

Digimon (34)

Tamers (4)

Options (12)

The basic idea of the deck here is to find as many ways to move the memory counter as far to my side as possible. This is achieved primarily through on-deletion effects; larger digimon and some options provide means to either sacrifice digimon for effect or return rookies to play as grist for the mill. The idea is to play very aggressively, tossing rookies at the Security Stack and lengthening my turn at once.

The majority of the deck is purple to take advantage of the rookie rush mechanics in that color; there are also more on-deletion memory gain effects in that color. Blue is added primarily for access to Hammer Spark, but the ability to run BT1 Leomon is an added bonus - its effect is very flavorful and funny, hard to pass up.


This is of course a first draft, and I already have some provisional ideas for how I might tune the deck following some testing. I may want to drop a few of the cards down to 3-ofs, add another ChaosGallantmon, add another Rookie slot, or switch out some of the Champion or Ultimate cards for others that emphasize slightly different strategies. The Blue digimon and Devidramon are what I'm least sure of right now, but the Garurumon and WereGarurumon may not be necessary as sac outlets/rewards.

Option Manipulation

This deck is running a lot more options than I normally would. I could lean farther into this, with cards that reward you for having or playing more Options.


One possible issue I can foresee is my opponent having a large Digimon I need to destroy but can't due to primarily having a board of smaller Rookies. These cards would let me punch up a little more cheaply.

Memory Denial

Most of the memory gain in this deck will by necessity be on my turn - that's when I can elect to destroy my own digimon or throw them at a fight they can't win. The memory gain should mean I routinely have big turns, but it will reduce the length of my opponent's turn much less often. The following look like they might be good possibilities to more actively punish my opponent for making certain gameplay decisions and hence shorten their turn.

Blue Sources

Currently, the means the deck uses to ensure I'm able to play Hammer Spark from hand is the combination of BT1 Gomamon and Leomon. These play into the existing On Deletion Memory theme of the deck, but they take up several slots and aren't the most efficient plays. Between the fact that they're digimon (and thus more susceptible to removal than a tamer) and that I'm at least sort of incentivized to kill them for memory, I have a reasonably high chance of having a dead Hammer in hand. This change would need to be in combination with one of the other changes above, but the meat here is that I'd be going to blue tamers instead of blue digimon. If I went this way I might also want to include Anubismon, as a way to more quickly get attacks off with returning Rookies, since at that point I'll have gone up from 8 purple 3s to 12 or 16.

Addendum: Changes

I made the following changes to the deck after further consideration;

Gomamon to Tapirmon was a straight translation; the Leomons became Matts. I cut one WereGarurumon and all Jokermons, replacing them with a pair of Anubismon and a trio of Kimeramon. Finally the Devidramon lost its -dra-; I figure the retaliation effect is generally worth more than 1 memory when deleted as an Ultimate.