I haven't posted anything here in a while, so I think I'm going to start with a series on some Digimon decks I've made recently.

Blurple Memory

Digi-Eggs (4)

Digimon (34)

Tamers (4)

Options (12)

The basic idea of the deck here is to find as many ways to move the memory counter as far to my side as possible. This is achieved primarily through on-deletion effects; larger digimon and some options provide means to either sacrifice digimon for effect or return rookies to play as grist for the mill. The idea is to play very aggressively, tossing rookies at the Security Stack and lengthening my turn at once.

The majority of the deck is purple to take advantage of the rookie rush mechanics in that color; there are also more on-deletion memory gain effects in that color. Blue is added primarily for access to Hammer Spark, but the ability to run BT1 Leomon is an added bonus - its effect is very flavorful and funny, hard to pass up

Addendum: Changes

I made the following changes to the deck after further consideration;

Gomamon to Tapirmon was a straight translation; the Leomons became Matts. I cut one WereGarurumon and all Jokermons, replacing them with a pair of Anubismon and a trio of Kimeramon. Finally the Devidramon lost its -dra-; I figure the retaliation effect is generally worth more than 1 memory when deleted as an Ultimate.